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BBA Global

BBA Global

The BBA Global is a 3-years undergraduate course that basically deals with the global business management in international markets. The course primarily prepares students to get ready for the world of tomorrow and develop a global mind-set in order to be successful in international business. The BBA global course deals with the premise of international trade and the modifications in strategies that are crucial to stay competitive in a global environment. The BBA global course explores the challenges of administering a culturally diverse work force and the intricacies of managing in different countries with diverse religious faiths, traditions and value systems.

 Career and Scope

The BBA Global graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to work as associates in global companies, professional business consulting firms and marketing or management positions in firms doing business internationally. The course enables individuals to be global business entrepreneurs who can strategically cope up with the dynamics of the international trade world. They can even join an MBA Global course if interested in higher studies and get better salary packages.

The BBA Global students can find abundant job roles available soon after the completion of their graduation. Some of the important job roles available for them are:

  • Global Team Manager
  • Global Sales Consultant
  • International Training Manager
  • International Operation Manager
  • Global Distribution Manager
  • International Business Development Manager

Some of the top job areas where the BBA Global students can find ample job opportunities are:

  • International MNCs
  • International Banks
  • Investment Banks
  • Shipping Companies
  • Airlines Industry
  • International Cruise Liners
  • Inter-Continental Transportation Cargo Companies

List of the Colleges in Bangalore that offer BBA Global Course in Bangalore

  • ISBR College